Sunday, 23 June 2013

Quilty Quarters

I do like to piece my quilt backings... not a fan of extra wide fabric at all, there's way more fun to be had in playing with other designs. A double sided quilt makes me twice as happy... I had quite a bit of Lovely Lyn's 'different' fabric left over from making the top but not enough to use only that... So I played that favourite game of mine... Rooting!!
There's nothing quite like rootetty-rooting in my little stash of fabrics, on a mission to find something perfect. Who would have thought that I would find a lovely turquoisey blue with a chocolate brown pattern on it? Then I found a piece of Civil War fabric that brought all the colours together... absolutely no idea where that came from.
The back still isn't big enough... yet, I'm working on that... First thing is to border these large Hexagons with chocolate-brown, striped fabric... the same one I used as a coping strip on the quilt top. Then I have some half rectangle triangles to use up, I made them when I cut for the Hexagons... the pattern for those is in the book, 'Layer Cake, Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs'... such a lot of lovely patterns in that book.

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