Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Stitching News

Rose had finished all the choosing of beautiful fabrics and has everything stuck in place with Heat & Bond Light (There are lots of 'Sticky Stuffs' availabubble and I do try to keep a good assortment in stock... we all seem to have our favourite) Rose spent the day stitching round all the appliqué shapes...
 and there are lots of shapes!
Giggly Gillian finished the Bargello, what a relief!
Can you see how it starts off all pinky on the left side and is completely purple-y on the left... at least that bit worked out. Borders are being added in a random fashion... which feels very liberated after all that strict stitching and unpicking. This pattern was really tricky to follow!
We all loved it when we discovered the Faux Piped Binding tutorial on line but it is tricky to get everything level and looking as perfect as we really want it to be, especially on the corners. Yesterday we 'invented' another way of achieving the same result, it's so much easier! Of course I do realise that this method might already have been invented but we didn't know!

New Sue also has all her appliqué shapes stuck down. She chose to use Steam-A-Seam 2 Light. Sue spent some time stitching the edges with blanket stitch... Thank goodness for blanket stitch, we love it!
She made a sandwich with it in the afternoon so I'm guessing the quilting elves might be needed soon.
Lovely Lyn finished one of her Breakfast Table place mats with Faux Piped Binding. She made two so her and hubby can enjoy a very posh breakfast together. For the second mat Lyn decided to try our newly invented method... we will wait to hear Lyn's review because she most definitely doesn't want to 'Feux' ever gain! ha ha ha

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