Saturday, 29 June 2013

Stitching News

Brenda Barbara's spectacular table topper is almost finished. There's just a few more rows of stitching to be done on the outer border but, I think, only on one side. This photo really doesn't show you truly how beautiful this quilt is... hopefully the Toot Toot picture will do better.

Barbara BB was very excited as she arrived for her class... she had a birthday last week and, very much to her delight... she had been gifted a brand new sewing machine!! Beaming happily and proudly, Barbara quilted the zigzag pattern on her lovely Railfence table runner.

Di-Butterfly had a little struggle doing the final top stitching on her most beautiful tote bag... it's rather thick  with all those seams coming together, and the corners? Well now... there's a nifty trick to stitching those... Who says we have to stitch forwards anyway... that was a clue!

Stephanie Iceland almost flew through the door in her excitement to show us her finished quilt top... It's a WOW quilt isn't it... all batik fabrics (I'm guessing you know from where they were purchased? he he)
Stephanie sorted out her backing along with some wadding... plans are in place for a sandwich!

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