Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Stitching News

Chris-tabelle has made a few quilts by now, already she's noticed the gathering of scraps, the multiplying of scraps and the need to take charge of the scraps, before they start to control her... Pot Holders!
Annbacan saw folk make Bargello quilts using Batik Jelly Rolls recently, feeling very tempted she eventually purchased one for her very own self...
but Ann didn't want a Bargello design. Look what we invented!!
PM Pam arrived with a pile of new fabrics and hastily set up her work area... before the end of the day she had produced this kiddy play mat/quilt top. It will be gifted to an animal-ly family, I believe we call them farmers though Pam might have said they were veterinarians?...
 After only one sleep, I forgot!
Chris-tabelle finished her Kiddie play mat with plenty of time to spare. Baby should be arriving in two weeks time... but we know those plans can change don't we... no worries, Chris is well prepared.
Toot toot toot for finishing a beautiful, bright masterpiece Christ-tabelle!

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