Friday, 14 June 2013

Stitching News

Julie made two Railfence Table Runners. They're both exactly the same but completely different all at the very same time. Each one is backed with Christmas Tree fabric.

As the quilts have been made with festive fabrics, I think we can quite safely assume that there might be some rather splendid gifts being given for Sewing Prevention Season

Barbara BB was thrilled to bits when she asked "What do I do now?" and the answer was "Choose your backing fabric and we can make a sandwich"... so she did... she's been so keen to get to the next stage so it was the best news she could hear...
We set up a Juki 210 machine and Barbara practised stitching with a walking foot on a sample sandwich so that she'll be ready to start quilting the table runner next time.
Aileen stitched on both of her borders, she was good and prepared having cut them ready last time.
She made her sandwich and, as she's the very proud owner of a
new Pfaff sewing machine...
she's going to try to do some quilting at home...
Lyn Scatterpin is getting used to the piecing and everything is coming together beautifully... I think you will just be able to make out the secondary pattern as it starts to appear.
Lyn keeps bees and fascinated us with the information about them.

There was a small but fun battle of the quilting space... both Brenda Barbara and Michelle My Belle were quilting quite large quilts... what a colourful table!!
Brenda was stitching with her darning foot... Free-Motion quilting of course and she made it look easy because she's been practising... and what does practise make?
Here's Michelle's fabulous quilt laying on my wonderful patchwork floor tiles... the centre quilting is complete so there's just the borders to be ditch hopped and crusts to be trimmed before the binding can be done.

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