Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sandwich Saturday

For a little change, there were no workshops booked for Saturday. Me Myself, Yours Truly, needed a little rest... he he he. When you have a classroom full of eager quilters every weekday and a fabulous, fun workshop booked up for the Saturday, there's no time to root about on the shelves, jiggle fabrics, cut Fat Quarters and generally make your shop look lovely and extremely inviting... though that happens naturally where fabric is concerned eh! 
Quite a few larger quilts have been finished in classes recently so... I opened up my classroom for making sandwiches... look-y-look!

Lovely Lyn's fabulous Mile-A-Minute with Crumbs quilt...
 started at  a workshop recently.
PM Pam's delicious Jelly Roll experiment quilt.
Princess Jackie's wonderful Snowman Collector quilt...
Patterns for which will be available very soon
... in My Very Own Quilt Shop!

It was a very successful idea to have a Sandwich Saturday so I will try to fit them in a bit more often.
There's no workshop booked for next Saturday, 15th June ... so we will have the second Sandwich Saturday. You will have to book so I can make sure the tables are in the right place.
This Saturday  all three ladies helped each other make sandwiches... like a sandwich party!

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