Monday, 1 July 2013

Perks Of The Job

During this last week I've been playing in Quilty Quarters for a few minutes each day, most days... it's surprising what you can achieve with 5 -15 minutes sewing each day. Of course I know I am lucky to have a dedicated room for my stitching so I don't have the palava of getting machine and tools out nor do I have to put anything back into cupboards... I just close the door and walk away. So, with 5 - 15 minutes each day, I finished my backing for this quilt... Yesterday, Sunday, I popped down to my very own quilt shop to make my sandwich, no need to clear furniture and crawl round on my living room floor for an hour... that's got to be a great perk of my job eh? With sandwich complete I decided to play shop for half an hour or so, there's a game that needs to be played a lot these days... Solitaire. you know the one, move this one up and this one down, that one over that one, those two round there, that one this way, put that one over there, this one can go in the blue's, there's only a bit left on that bolt... I'll take it home etc... I was able to make a space for more new fabric on the shelf you see there... it's all due in this week and I think I'm all prepared. I spent the rest of my Sunday quilting!

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