Saturday, 20 July 2013

Barbie's Stitching News

I don't think Barbie has ever been quite as excited about a new quilting project as she is about this one... she's making appliqué flower blocks and they are sooooper cute... Barbie's chosen appliqué method is "Sticky Stuff and machine stitching" which gives instant satisfaction in the 'Happy -Me' department!
Speaking of Sticky Stuff... advert time!
In My Very Own Quilt Shop, for your very own convenience you know... I stock three different kinds, because we all have our very own favourite Sticky Stuff... There's Heat and Bond lightBondaweb and now, back in stock after months of waiting... Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite with it's new, improved they say, recipe and posh packaging.
Which, if any, is your favourite?


Helen McNaught said...

We don't have those brands here. We have one called Vliesofix. My all time favourite is one from the USA called Wonderweb. Sometimes we can get it here.

Is it a pattern that Barbie has used? Would love to make something similar

Cheers from Helen

Maggi said...

Lovely applique blocks. Bondaweb for me although I also use Mistyfuse a lot.