Friday, 5 July 2013

Stitching News

Sheila's latest quilt top... It's from a book that's full of Mystery Quilt ideas... it was fun  to make and, even though Sheila was working on it all by her very own self and she had the book for reference... it still remained a mystery until the first border was stitched on!! he he he There will be sandwich making next week at Caverswall Quilt Cave... much easier there.
Barbara BB is still smiling about her new sewing machine... she's been stitching at home too... looks like the world is now her oyster. She had a go at Stitching-in-the-Ditch ... which we all re-named 'Ditch-Hopping a long time ago... if you've tried it you'll know why! She quilted waved lines on the outer border too.
Michelle My Belle, assisted by her very precious Baby Belle (Juki HZL G210 ... more information is available in my very own shop where test driving is a must!)... back to Michelle... she's started making lovely blocks to make a quilt for her very own Mum... it's looking great! The Jelly Roll Strips were almost flying through the air as she chose which one to use next!

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