Tuesday 9 July 2013

Stitching News

Christabelle purchased a Charm Pack recently so that's what she's working with for her next project. There's no pattern for this one, we doodled and did mathemisms, auditioned fabrics and made plans.... it's turning out quite lovely
Longport Lynda brought in her Square Dance quilt, 'Spinning Springtime' to work on but found she was 'purpled-up' and did't feel any umpph to continue with it right now... so she purchased fabric to make a bag, or two, or three... Have you heard the saying?... if you make a mistake, repeat it and call it a pattern another bag, why stop at two when you can start a collection of bags!
You can just make out Lady Judith's Daisiez there too... she has completed all of the blocks she needs so the joining and trimming has started... it's looking lovely.
Festival Of Quilts
Yesterday the deal was done on the coach trip.
If we fill the seats, all 49 of them, we should be able to get there and back, including the entrance ticket for £20... that's a great deal isn't it.
Otherwise it's £14 per seat and the entrance ticket will be £10. You could purchase entrance tickets from my very own quilt shop for only £10.00... even if you are not coming on our coach... tempting??

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