Sunday, 14 July 2013

Stitching News

After hearing the BBC weather people forecast that the temperatures for the weekend were going to rise even higher, I decided to contact the ladies booked for the workshop on Saturday, to offer a postponement. I felt it cruel to make them sit in my very own quilt shop when they could be out enjoying this rare beautiful weather (or at very least doing their chores... great weather for washing and drying everything!) All but one were happy to postpone so, I can consider myself to be a kind and thoughtful sole... he he he. I hope the ladies enjoyed whatever they got up to because we had a great, though slowly melting, day... take a look...

Morning Judith braved the workshop.
She chose fresh festive fabrics... lucky they didn't melt though!
Judith went home with a sandwich ready to quilt and the binding prepared.
I bet this little beauty will be finished for tooting at our Monday meeting.
Sheila came to play, she was my 'Shop Girl' for the day... just in case anyone came to shop while I was playing teacher, but very few did... so Sheila was able to get ahead with her commissioned quilt... we were quite fascinated watching this picture come together...
there might be a workshop on the method... I did ask!
Angie's very own sewing.
A Layer Cake and some background fabric.
20" blocks, quilt top grows fast!
If my shop is quiet, I will play at rooting, tidying and sorting, cutting Fat Quarters and cleaning, displaying and titivating and I love doing that. This time I was forced to stay in the classroom with my pupil... such a shame that... so I spent the whole day stitching for my very own self!! Judith is very capable so didn't need a whole lot of help... a little instruction on 'what to do next', but just in case I thought it best to stay at my sewing machine, right there ready to help.
 When I first had the idea of opening my very own shop, well over a year ago now... this is how I imagined every day would be... a customer or two each day and a whole lot of time to sew... since March 10th 2012 when I first opened my doors, it's the very first time it ever happened... which is a good thing really... but it was quite a treat, I had a great day... production was up... we all had a great day!

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