Monday 22 July 2013

Quilty Quarters And More

It's official, I am hopeless! I finally decided that I couldn't, and wouldn't, use any of the five beautiful pieces of fabric that I had chosen for a pieced backing for my blue and pink quilt. I went rooting and shopping in my very own quilt shop instead and found a perfect 5 metre piece of French General fabric. It felt like it had too much seizing on it though, which would stop my masking tape sticking and doing it's job so, after cutting the length in half and stitching it to the correct size... I decided to wash it... whilst waiting for the wash cycle and for it to dry... I became domestic goddess and cleaned the house from top to bottom I started another quilt! woohooo... seems the mojo returned eh, 15 minutes of forced stitching every evening has done the trick!
Scrappy Trip Around.
Very, very easy to make and using 2 1/2" strips from one of my scrap boxes.
 No stress over rooting and choosing... though I still set my favourites on one side!
Aren't they fabulous blocks!!
OK, I know you're going to notice that this picture isn't really Quilty Quarters...
Once the backing was washed, dried and pressed... and very big 
I popped down to my very own classroom with it's very own table department, 
pushed 6 tables together, because I can... the quilt only just fit!
Oh dear... I couldn't resist it... when I got home...
I spent the rest of the afternoon quilting on the Juki Beast (TL 98)
On Saturday, after the Golly Girls workshop, I stayed in my very own classroom and finished piecing the backing for my Trip Down Memory Lane quilt... It's my Mile-A-Minute and Crumbs quilt and it's even bigger than this one. If life's going to be my next Sunday sandwich... 8 tables will be required


Dottymo said...

Love the pink and blue reminds me of a baby quilt.glad the mojo ack

Maggi said...

Love the Trip Around the World and can't wait to see the pink and blue finished.