Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Stitching News

Jean Bean has decided to make another special little girl quilt.
A new book can be very inspiring can't it?
This delicate heart fabric is a favourite so Jean purchased the rest of the bolt.
Which fabrics will go where? hmmmm

New Sue also started a new project, this one with a Jelly Roll.
Sue's been wanting to make this quilt for ages and had put it on her to do list...
trouble is, she needs to gift it in August...
she should have had it nearer to the top of the list eh!
Princess Jackie's new project, soooo cute-etty-cute.
For now I don't think Jackie is making the whole quilt... but there's time for that decision to change.
Look what happened with her Snowman Collector.
Krafty Karen continued piecing  her sampler blocks.
These two were an experiment to see whether Karen enjoyed the more complex piecing...
and she does!
So a large quilt will be made!
Princess Jackie purchased these fabrics only last Tuesday.
She went home with a rough sketch of a pattern idea from Me Myself and came in this week with the centre already stitched and needing borders! I wonder how many stitching staff she has?
Taking a more relaxed option, Lovely Lyn quilted simple diagonal lines on her kiddy quilt and luxuriated for the afternoon, with her feet up on a spare chair... hand stitching the binding whilst being gently wafted by a floor fan... like a day at the spa!

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