Monday 15 July 2013

Quilty Quarters

During the afternoon of Sunday, I finished the quilt top... It's not a great photo.
After rooting in Quilty Quarters' cupboards for only two minutes I found the perfect border fabrics... but I rooted for a further half hour after that because I wanted to keep, not use, these two lovelies! Sad you may think... but I never said I didn't have a problem using my beautiful stash now did I? Nothing else played nicely, I even considered not having a border at all so that I could keep my pieces in tact... It's done though. Ideally, I would have liked the outer border a little wider but there wasn't enough fabric, I used the whole, whole piece up! I still had time in the day to pop down to my very own quilt shop to make a sandwich but, in order to do that I would have had to go rooting in Quilty Quarters' cupboards again for the backing fabrics... it's a big quilt at 70" x 90" and will need a lot of backing fabric... oh dear... the stress of it all... he he he.
I sat and hand stitched a bit more of the binding that Andy Murray stopped me from finishing last weekend instead.

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Unknown said...

Loving this quilt Angie.....might gave to have a go for my next xx