Thursday 11 July 2013

Stitching News... Updated

It seems I have misplaced my camera...I FOUND IT!... if you've been waiting for news... that's what's going on... the following photos have been taken with my phone... who knew I could even do that?... he he he. Getting the pictures from my phone to the computer was one step too far for me though... I emailed each one in the end... so... on to the Stitching News... pictures only as I am running very very late today Up early so today (which is tomorrow I guess) I have time... here goes...

Chatty Cathy's progress report. All four centre squares are done and joined together Apartment-ly so she's starting on the borders. Each side will be made, quilted and also added on Apartment-ly... Cathy's first job was trimming her Bonus HST (Half Square Triangles) millions of them!
Toot toot toot time for My Wife Beth... this is Beth's first quilt. She surprised everyone by Free motion quilting all over it and doing an excellent job to boot. 
Helen's commission quilt... it's a big one... she's piecing, not her favourite job... with triangles too! Helen does, occasionally, keep reminding us of the fact... the blocks are coming along very nicely... each one perfectly perfect.
Chris The Foot has been Quilting In The Ditch... and she really does Stitch In The Ditch... no ditch hopping here.. all stitches where they should be. Chris has stabilized her quilt where the black sashing is and is now quilting more detail in each block.
Wendy made posh pillows to match a quilt she made a while ago... she's doing lovely free motion quilting on them... we all watch what Wendy is up to... such an inspiring lady!
This is the third time Gail has made a sandwich with her Log Cabin quilt. For some totally unknown reason it puckered terrible on the back each time she started quilting. We adjusted tension, tried different needles and changed threads, amongst other things... this third, and last time, the backing has been extra starched... and it seems to have worked!
Shirley Lerly is in the final stages of piecing her Stack-N-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt top. Isn't it lovely? With just a few border triangles to be added and the corner triangles to be re-cut (a mathemism blip of mine! ooops) there'll soon be a delightful sandwich being made.

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