Friday 26 July 2013

Stitching News

Lady Judith finished her pink and white Stargazy Daizy quilt top... taddaaaa
It's huuuuge so she had to book herself 8 tables in Caverswall Quilt Cave so that she could make her sandwich. Jean Bean and me, my very own self, helped her get the layers as straight as we could. This quilt is very heavy!!!
The blue, yellow and white Daisiez quilt top belongs to Marilla, she brought her top in to show the 'progress so far'... It's great to see the two quilts together, exactly the same but completely different.

I haven't had a lot of photo taking time this week.... seems everyone wants to learn how to make quilts!
When beginners come to class they get my, almost, undivided attention.... 
I believe, big-ly believe... that the cutting part is the most important bit... so I hang on in there till the folk can rotary cut... you can sew the straightest seem in the world but if you cut wonky in the first place... nothing lines up!
The Rail Fence design is a very forgiving little number... perfect for beginners.
7 this week all went home very happy with what they had achieved... some have homework and others will only work on their projects whilst in class... either way is fine. If it makes you happy, it works for me!

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