Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Stitching News

AnnBacan is making the very same pattern as Joan The Shop, who was inspired by Wendy's poppy quilt. See how we feed each other with ideas, great eh. Ann shrunk her pattern though, it's 25% of the original, a lot more fiddly but she wanted small panels for a table runner... we must suffer for our art eh!
PM Pam was making a quilt from the book Pillow Pop. The pattern was written by Jen Carlton-Bailly. It was very frustrating for Pam because the measurements are not correct, not all of the panels worked out to be the correct length so she had to improvise, not what you want to do when you purchased a new book... but it turned out lovely in the end.
Longport Lynda made this bag with an Amy Butler pattern. She said the instructions were not very clear so she had to put them on one side and carry on with her very own common sense. The fabric is an Indian Batik, very reasonable at only £5.20 per metre. It, and Lynda, made a lovely bag, don't you think?
Christabelle needs us to toot toot for her finished quilt.
Cute cat themed fabrics because the quilt is for a new kitten...
It's a small quilt... great for practising new designs... Made in just one day.
Christabelle's also quilting this lovely project.
It's all been stitched around the blocks to stabilised everything so now she's quilting hearts on the little Hour Glass blocks... looking good.

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