Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Stitching News

Four of the Tuesday ladies have been working on this very beautiful wall hanging quilt... the others plan to make one too... it's been strongly mentioned that they are waiting for the first four to be completed so that they have all the top tips, difficulties, good ideas and advise before they start, cunning eh. As the ladies have all used the same pattern, the quilts are all exactly the same, with individual fabric choices and quite different little embellishments... it's been great watching them all come together over the last few weeks... lets toot toot toot for the first two finished... In no particular order!!
 Princess Jackie's. She's used more than one fabric for her bordering  triangles (and that is all I will say about the border triangles, ha ha ha... you had to have been there!) Jackie quilted using the walking foot in the style of free-motion... she's very good at doing that... it would fool anyone!
A splendid quilt. toot toot toot Jackie.

Toot toot-ety toot also for lovely Lyn's. Quilted with real free-motion using a darning foot with the feed dogs down, and she is extremely proud of that fact! Take a closer look...
Lovely Lyn embellished with beads criss-crossing basket style on her pot... WOW! 
and beads added to the flower centres... we love it!... see all the great ideas the other ladies can collect?
Jean Bean finished her splendid quilt backing... yes... the back!!
This quilt will be gifted to one lucky little lady and when it's time for her to get up, the quilt will be thrown back to reveal "Wakey Wakey"... who wouldn't 'rise and shine' looking at this art work?? I asked Jean what had inspired her to add the flowers to the original design of words... she said "The Space!"

Fran Cup Cake purchased some beautiful buttons from my very own quilt shop, they're extremely cute little festive lights, so she wanted to make a little Christmas tree so that she could use the buttons to embellish it. This little tree is just 10" square and fits the bill perfectly. Fran will add a border of background fabric followed by a main, probably green, border... then she will play at bling-ing! 
Giggly Gillian used her first ever Charm pack to make this little lap quilt. She says she has enjoyed making such an easy project... well, just because I have to say it... the blooming Bargello was anything but easy! Gillian plans to make a few little lap quilts using Charm packs, it's a good job I have so many to choose from then!

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