Friday, 12 July 2013

Stitching News

In no particular, order here are the few pictures from my camera... very few actually,considering how many ladies have been to class and the beautiful quilt projects they're all working on... but a few is better than the none it could have been had I really lost that camera of mine....
Joan The Shop is working on two projects at the very same time. One, the sampler, for her Wednesday Class at Caverswall Quilt Cave and this poppy applique for Fridays in my very own quilt shop.
It's really taking shape now too. We had carrot cake for Joan's Birthday, yum.
Helen couldn't stay for class but bought in her Jelly Roll quilt top to show to us. Great isn't it? The design in from a Jelly Roll book but it's a quite well know one really... Hidden Wells, but all with two and a half inch strips. There's a deadline... this quilt to finished very soooooon
Sporty Sue fancied working on something small for a change... The Count On It book is very popular with it's little calendar quilts and numbers. Such a lovely project to work on... and that's what Sue did all day.
Di Butterly is making a doll sized quilt. She very much enjoys everything being perfect and she's prepared to work at getting things there, a methodical lady and a tidy worker... oh I wish I could be a tidy worker!  Didn't Diane choose lovely fabrics!
Morning Judith popped in to show us her finished festive projects.
See the lovely little tree light buttons?
Very cute... know where you can buy them? he he he, I do!
Toot toot toot Judith, lovely little quilted projects.

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