Thursday, 21 June 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Early Sue's Kaleidoscope quilt so far... I know you are saying to yourself... "Wow, I want to make one too, it's absolutely stunning" Talk about an eye catching quilt eh??...  There are three more workshops booked and full already... folks see the progress the ladies are making with the work they did at the first workshop and book up a workshop for their very own selves... Sue's border will be of the original fabric, it's always interesting to do that, then folks can see the 'Before we 'Stacked-n-Whacked' it! 
The next workshop will be this coming Saturday, of course it's fully booked, so you can't come... he he he.
 These superb Kaleidoscope blocks belong to Krafty Karen... I sold out of this Clarice Cliffe fabric because 2 ladies come into the shop while Karen was working on her blocks.. they saw how exciting the fabric could be you see... I'm loving the spinning houses and trees... Karen's going to quilt her project in two separate halves, apartment style, the borders will be quilted and added later... they will be just stunning too, we decided to let Mr. Black play that magic trick... bet you can't wait!
Can you remember the chocolate fish blocks, click here to see them ... you'll also see that Joan The Shop started them in January... she's made quite a few quilts since then. Anyway, this is a continuation of the Chocolate Fish project, see Strawberry Fish and Cabbage Fish... are you at all curious what Joan is making here... I can't tell you, I'm not sure I know really, she assures me that there is a real plan though.
Ann came to play, she had emailed ahead to book tables for making a sandwich and got off to a very good start. The backing was taped TNT style, Taut Not Tight, the wadding laid in place followed by the quilt top it's very own self... oh dear... Ann didn't know that borders are supposed to be measured through the centre of the quilt when she added them and they were rather wavy...  after a little discussion, she whippppped them off and did a little fudge stitching and pin faffing... so the sandwich was completed and ready to be quilted by the end of the day.
Foxy Margaret arrived with an antique Jelly Roll, how funny she is... she doesn't remember buying it but says it was many, many years ago and it was about time to use it up... Irene had recently been to a workshop to learn how to make these braids strips and suggested Foxy make table mats with the antique Jelly Roll... so, I left them to it... Foxy had a private tutor all to her very own self all day and produced these lovely strips. I think she said that she would make 4 table place mats, once they are complete she threatened to start a quilt!

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Maggi said...

Lovely pieces. Glad that Ann decided to start again with the borders as it is such a lovely quilt. Irene was brave teaching the more difficult braid strip method but they do look lovely in those colours.