Sunday, 3 June 2012

Friday Quilt Club

 Only a few ladies were able to come to Friday Quilt Club this week... this meant that everyone could spread out... funny how much room a quilter can actually use once she/he sets her mind to it... Late Sue needed the space as she's quilting her huge Lilac quilt on a Juki Beast (TL98) Joan on the other hand... just wanted to spread out her creative stuff, he he he... she's appliquéing the last few daisies onto her scrappy 10 Minute block quilt, I sandwiched another quilt for Joan... which is on another 3 tables behind Sue...
Dotty Maureen is very much stitching against the clock now... the melon blocks for the Double Wedding Ring quilt are coming along nicely but, holey moley... there's about two weeks to go for this quilt needing to be wrapped up for gifting... some of us are thinking it won't happen in time... Dotty assures us it will, I do hope so... good luck Dotty!

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