Saturday, 9 June 2012

Late Sue's Quilt

Friday Quilt Club was noisy with all the toot toot tooting... here's another one, belonging to Late Sue (that's 'late' as in doesn't arrive on time, not the other option! ha ha ha). This quilt's about 80 inches by 85... if I'm a little out it's only by 1 or 2 inches... a huuuuuge quilt, there are three ladies holding it up, two of which are standing on the step. Each stage of the making of the top has been decided as Sue got to it... Make Star blocks, easy decision. Sash or not? Too much white? We could add purple diamonds? What to do for borders? How many borders?
That's how it grew to be so big. Then there was the quilting. Sue's used her walking foot to stabilize the rows then she's spent hours and hours for days and days doing free motion quilting. I'm very much hopping that you can see the quilting in this photo... beautiful. Late Sue has a Juki Beast (TL98) no job is too big for the Juki Beast... This quilt will be gifted this weekend, I'm not sure I would part with it so it's a good job I didn't make it eh... Sue's not keen to make another purple quilt any time soon! ha ha ha

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Maggi said...

lovely and thanks for showing the back as the quilting is fabulous.