Saturday, 30 June 2012

Friday Quilt Club

 Barbie was very happy to announce that she had finished quilting her baby quilt. Baby's dad is a Liverpool supporter but you might have guessed that already! he he Barbie cut and stitched the binding on and swiftly moved on to start making this quilt in purples and pinks.
 Chrissy Poppins made up 4 9-Patch blocks to use as corner stones, stitched them to the border fabric and announced that it was sandwich time.  Such a lovely bright picnic quilt. We suggested Chrissie stitch a few French Knots using black thread representing the inevitable wildlife... always a few ants at a picnic eh!
 Helen is straying from the instructions in her Heirloom quilt book once again. This block called for smocking. Not wanting to do that, Helen used some taffeta fabric and pleated it to look just as fabulous, added two strands of lovely ribbon and a little fancy stitching to make a great block, this will be trimmed to 8+ 1/8 inch. Helen needs 3 more blocks like this one.
 Joan The Shop is on a roll with her Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope blocks. She made 12 originally, they will be incorporated into a sofa throw, except Joan wants all the sofas to have matching quilts so... she needs 20 more blocks... That delicious green will be the sashing strips with, possibly, that red for the borders.
Late Sue is making a Chunky Churndash lap quilt to give to a friend, lucy lady. Each block will finish to 6" so Sue will need about 30 blocks, or there about. She's been shopping and the backing fabric has been decided, wait 'til she see that... it's absolutely beautiful... from My Very Own Quilt Shop, of course...

Speaking of which... It's SATURDAY SWAP SHOP TODAY... so I better get a move on.....

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