Saturday, 16 June 2012

Geoff's Quilt

Geoff finished his 6 Minute Block Quilt.. toot, toot, toot. Doesn't it look great!! He was laughing because I had told you all how quickly he had made his blocks on that very first day, he confessed to having had to re-stitch some of the seams... he says they should be called 15 Minute Blocks. He had a go at doing Faux Piped Binding at home but something wasn't working properly so, he practised our favourite PMS (Pleasing My Self... I wonder if he tells his workmates that he gets PMS??? oh.. ho ho ho) and invented striped binding which looks rather good... I'll remember it for a future occasion.
Geoff's found it difficult to get to classes in the past because of being a shift worker, he told me how great it was to be able to come to My Very Own Classroom in My Very Own Quilt Shop on different days of the week... all he has to do is book up... Monday morning one week, Tuesday afternoon the next, possible followed by a full day on the Thursday of the next week... isn't that a useful thing to know? He's getting to know ALL of the other ladies by switching classes too...

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