Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Monday Stitching

Bev finished her 12 Log Cabin blocks, each one 4 1/2". There will be 6 on the front and 6 on the back panel of this Kenwood cover... Bev played in My Very Own Quilt Shop for a while, she was auditioning fabrics to sash the blocks with, the fabric will make up the body of the upside-down bag too... this is the winner, a perfect match to the tiles on Bev's kitchen floor, apparently.
Morning Judith (we have an Afternoon Judith too) popped in on Friday last week to request that she make a sandwich during her Monday class... now you know I am happy to help if I can... I switched the classroom round to make space enough for her and the job was done beautifully. The sandwich on the table is Judith's... stunning isn't it?, see the purple-y quilt on the wall there, to the left... that's the same pattern... My Mum Gwynnth made that one, they look completely different don't they.
Jean Bean added the last of her borders. It's been a little fiddle, those 1/4" inner borders need special care but they are well worth the effort, 1/2" of white, 1/4" of red... it looks quite stunning indeed. This quilt only needed the one table to be sandwiched, twas done in no time at all and Jean made a good start on the quilting. Tying ends off  proved a bit eye-boggling, it's so hard to see black thread on black fabrics so we got out the magic eye! A top secret gadget...

Sarah came back!! She has a very young family, had a poorly car, a poorly kiddy, a day trip, two bank holidays, you name it... it all happened on Mondays, so she hasn't been able to get to class, shame... She got stuck in though, made a sandwich and did loads of the quilting on her Railfence table runner. She was pleasantly surprised to see all the lovely things the others had been making, it spurred her on and she's making her very own list of "I want to make one toos"
PM Pam (she of Cheese Scone fame) continued to add the beautiful, bright yellow sashing to one of her play mat quilts. Without corner stones we have to fiddle more to keep the rows in-line with each other. Pam's second quilt will have corner stones... they seem a little more fiddly but they don't half make this part of the process much easier... things just line up better!

During the day there was a delivery of boxes... one brand new Juki sewing machine, ordered for a very lucky lady and one huge box of delicious batik fabrics and Batik Jelly Rolls... oooooooooooooooher they are lovely!


Maggi said...

Lots of lovely things here. The quilt by Judith is beautiful and looks so different to the other one.

Helen said...

Oh Batiks, I hope there will still be some when I come and visit!!Bjs Helen