Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tuesday Stitching

Lovely Lyn had finished the quilting on her 4 quarters, each of 4 kaleidoscope Stack-n-Whack blocks. She cut the strips, both black in this case, 1 1/8" for the back and 1 1/2" folded for the front and started to join the quarters together. Again this method can be a little fiddly but, as Lyn stated once she got the hang of it... "It's a very clever way of making big quilts isn't it!" Lyn will be adding a stunning border but, as yet, she hasn't decided what to do.

As you can see, Giggly Gillian has almost finished joining her apartment quarters (I know, I know... but they are the same size as Lyn's so 'quarters' feels right, even if there are 6 of them! ha ha) Gillian was going to add borders too but the quilt is big enough for a single bed or a largish sofa throw now... and she is itching to get to work on her kaleidoscope blocks so... a very smart Faux Piped Binding will be added... without borders!!, borders are not 'compulsorary' (oh dear... spell check doesn't like me inventing words) I always encourage PMS (Pleasing My Self)... if you're happy, I'm happy!
New Sue finished her latest project, I'll do a "toot toot toot" for it in the next post... She's starting the next quilt (the paper pieced Log Cabins have been set on one side for now) This is one practice block... Sue's using the London fabrics (I think just about everyone has purchased some of them without thinking what to do with them, it's such a British year!!)... plus a few other red, blue and white-ish ones. These blocks will be alternated with Judy's Star blocks, as seen on the wall in the previous post... My Mum Gwynneth's blue and white quilt that's hanging on My Very Own Quilt Shop's Quilting Classroom wall.. what a mouthful!


Dottymo said...

Lovely Lynne love the black and white, such a classy look. 6 quarters from Gillian is wonderful,so bright and cheerful, just like her. I'm just waiting for the finished 2 block quilt.

Maggi said...

I do like the use of the black and white