Sunday, 24 June 2012

Friday quilt Club

I should have known better than to doubt Dotty Maureen would get her wedding quilt finished on time... She spent the day quilting the last of her 9 sections of this double wedding ring quilt... it was an incredible task but it looks like she'll just about make it. In case you were wondering why she had complicated things by using those plaids, the groom is Scottish.

Joan The Shop had me moving furniture around so we could make a 'Fish' quilt sandwich, not a tin of tuna in sight, he he he This is half of the quilt centre and Joan spent her stitchy hours making up more blocks, she needs loads as the borders will be 'fish' blocks too.
Barbie quilted none stop, all day and a bit extra... She was desperate to get this quilt finished, baby's born already and, as they grow so fast, there's been no time to waste!... Quilting was completed leaving only the binding to make and stitch on, that made Barbie very happy indeed. She's making plans for 6 more kiddie quilts.

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