Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday Classroom

 Last time Rose came to play we helped her make a quilty sandwich... production then came to a halt so that she could go on her jolly holidays... what a treat to see this quilt again... during the morning great progress was made and most of the quilting done on the centre part. Rose will be stitching in the ditch of the black sashing next time... on a brand new sewing machine, all for her very own self!
 Princess Jackie only started piecing these blocks last week... she's been stitching at home... finished the quilt centre and made 4 long rows of piano keys for the borders. We auditioned a few different fabrics for an inner border and, once again, the black won!... Black is such a clever colour, it knows exactly how to make the other colours pop up to be noticed, don't you agree? Princess Jackie is measuring her quilt through the centre in this picture... it helps keep the edge of the quilt straight.
Fran finished the baby quilt she was working on last time, we don't get to see it as it was gifted immediately...  babies don't like to wait, not when they can arrive early! So, Fran had purchased this Clarice Cliffe fabric from My Very Own Quilt Shop a few weeks ago and today she started to make cushions with it, she needs 10 cushions so there's plenty of work to be done.
 New Sue had been able to take advantage of everyday classes, no need to miss a week if you can change days is there! Sue's making Blackford's Beauty blocks, as you can see in the picture, she's going to set them On-Point... those little red squares will travel into the border fabric.. looking very smart indeed... I'm loving the effect!
Lovely Lyn couldn't get going... she seems to have caught Man Flu! Oh my goodness.. a real bad case indeed... he he he. After a little encouragement she did eventually get out her sewing machine and made up a few of these Judy's Star blocks... they will be added to Lyn's pile of sampler blocks. We'll be back working on her black and white Kaleidoscope quilt next week... it's going to need extra wide borders and they'll need to be quilted before they can be added.

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Maggi said...

Lovely work and Sue's Blackford Beauty blocks are stunning.