Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Stitching News, Monday

You must have noticed by now that a few of the ladies have adopted silly names... all in the name of fun of course, mostly to help us all remember who is who. This project was the work of Bev, one of the Monday AM ladies... from this day she shall be known as Cynthia, she says Cynth' will do nicely... no silly story to accompany the name... she just loves it! The food mixer cover is coming along very nicely.

Penelope Baskerville... (used to be Sarah, this is what happens when you let the ladies choose their own alias)... anyway, Penelope finished off her quilting and, after a little bit of instruction, she trimmed all the crusts from her sandwich. She chose binding fabric and just about ran out of time so was unable to stitch it on... next time.
 Both of these finished projects belong to Afternoon Judith. The Mat & Ruler bag has been waiting for a set of handles for a few weeks but they're on now and the bag has been put to very good use.
Judith's Table Runner, oh how we love the good old Railfence... isn't it lovely, Judith is very pleased with the things she's made. Next we will be trying appliqué for a baby quilt, very exciting!

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