Friday, 29 June 2012

Thursday Quilting

Early Sue took up loads of tables first thing in the morning. We sandwiched her large Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt... every customer that enters the shop is amazed with each of these quilts... they don't know how easy it is to Stack-n-Whack you see. Sue isn't quilting it just yet, not until she's finished this gorgeous Bento Box quilt. We pondered a few design and decided that free motion hearts with loopy-loops was perfect.
Sue quilted about a quarter of her quilt... it's so much faster than using the walking foot because there's no turning necessary.
Ann finished joining her 6 brand new, antique clown blocks together, it was a little tricky lining up the red sashing but it came right in the end. The borders were eventually added but Ann won't quilt them until she's appliqued brightly coloured balls onto them... they're going to be hand stitched so she'll do it at home ready for next week.
A quiet day in My Very Own Quilt Shop Classroom, good job as these two ladies used all the space there was! ha ha

Have you been rooting ready for Saturday Swap Shop? I haven't had a moment to root yet, tonight could be the nigh... will have to be as it's Tomorrow! I've seen a few of the fabrics that will be in the swap... I 'need' one of them! tee hee

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