Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tuesday Stitching

Krafty Karen was just about able to find enough space to make two Clarice Kaleidoscope sandwiches... another good thing about apartment quilting is that the sandwiches are soooo much smaller... therefore, they'll fit on smaller surfaces, quite obvious I know, but I thought I would point it out... Karen's having a little practice of free motion quilting then she'll start on her quilt, very exciting!
Lovely Lyn decided to work on her Roller Coaster quilt... that's what it feels like to me, a Roller Coaster... She was so excited when she started the blocks a few weeks ago only to be disappointed with the way she was piecing... she wanted it more cream-y. A few piecing 'top tips' and, next meeting and Lyn went home excited, at the top of the ride... following week she had decided to stop making it, didn't like it... took a short break while she made her black and white Stack-n-Whack quilt... Yesterday she came to class having made loads more blocks and wanting gold coloured sashing... she went home with red sashing!!! A Roller Coaster... you see it now?

Early Sue's Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt top is finished, what a stunner it is too...... once we had all WOW-ed a plenty, we just stood quietly looking... it's such a lovely quilt, bright and crisp. See the little inner border of green fabric? I love how it looks, perfect 'salt & pepper' seasoning to the other fabrics. Sue's chosen a bright pink mottled fabric for the backing, we'll make the sandwich on Thursday at My Very Own Quilt Shop then she can start quilting it... no... wait... that's not what she said, we're going to make this sandwich and then quilt the Bento Box quilt, then finish the purple hearts... then quilt this one... what a lot of PHD's Early Sue has! he he he
Princess Jackie had to wait until the afternoon to make her sandwich, it's a little bigger than Karen's so she needed more space... It's a lovely, bright kiddie play mat... We have to call them play mats now as calling a baby quilt a baby quilt can get us in trouble.... the world's gone bonkers! Jackie needed to piece her wadding first of all, not a problem as we have a cunning method. There's some sticky tape out there for joining wadding but it's expensive... a line of zig-zag stitching is a lot cheaper!

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Dottymo said...

Absolutely beautiful quilts from all the ladies. Why can't we call them baby quilts they are for a baby and a quilt, not for a cover but to lie on.?