Sunday, 24 June 2012

Thursday Stitching

These blocks belong to Ann, a new Ann. They are, once again, part of a set of brand new antiques... it's looking like quite a few folk have old unfinished projects isn't it... Ann's blocks are only 35 years old. They're hand stitched and hand quilted but they will be finished by machine... apartment style with red sashing which will look very good indeed. Ann had to add a backing fabric, red of course, and re-quilt, just shadowing the clowns so it was easy.

Brenda Barbara apologised for what she was about to pull out of her project bag... he he he It's our old faithful Quick Table Topper!!! Obviously she didn't pull it out of her bag at this stage, it was just a pile of Christmas fabrics... that's what she apologised for, Christmas stuff in June... but I guess we do need to be making a start, that holiday season doesn't half creep up on us!
Sheila set about quilting half of her project on her very own, brand new Juki Exceed 600... She'll do apartment joining, diagonally this time... I don't think I had anyone else joining diagonally before... it shouldn't make any difference though... it'll still work...

It's been an extremely busy week with a full diary for My Very Own Self including a couple of evening shifts! I shall try to catch up with the stitchy news for you... more later

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