Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday Swap Shop

Saturday 30th June - 10am-2pm
Do you have fabric that you no longer wish to keep?
You bought too much for a project?
You might have purchased the wrong kind of green...
An orange that was too bright?
A floral that you will never use?
An abstract/funky fabric that hurts your eyes these days?
A Jelly Roll and you just don't want to use it?
We're having a Fabric Swap Day, just for fun...
Fabrics must be 100% cotton, patchwork quality.
Minimum size piece is 1/4 m Fat Quarters are fine.
Fold up tidily, as many as you like. Add a label including your name and a desired price if you would like to sell it.
If you find someone has fabric you'd like... Swap with them. 
If you see fabric you love with no swap, you can purchase it...
No strings... it's just for fun...
You could add a perfect piece of fabric or two to your collection without spending a penny!
Of course this social event will be at My Very Own Quilt Shop.
Come along at 10am with your unwanted patchwork fabrics...
I expect it will be a fun, social occasion...
I wonder who has the ugliest fabric?

Right, I'm off to root in my piles, I know I have some weird stuff in there somewhere... I could swap for something pretty! 

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