Friday, 11 April 2008

Busy Friday

A very busy day today. I got my homework done for the IWP quilt group. We are almost at the end of our Round Robin projects. This round we had to add some applique. I had so much fun doing my bit on Trudi's Round Robin. I can't show any pictures because all of the projects are 'top secret' until we reveal each one, finished... but once we do that, I will take lots of photos.
I got all the preparation done ready for class tomorrow at Paula's

I spent some time on my Scrappy Bargello. I'm now half way to completing the top... just 24 more strips to sew on!!

You might very well think that our quilting equipment would be of no use to the average guy.... see here, I used to have one of these mini- irons that are great to use for applique!! The thing is, they are great for all the little fiddly bits when applying the covering stuff on aeroplanes! Dave grabbed this mat for himself as soon as I confessed to dropping it and snapping the corner off, he also borrowed my spare rotary cutter a long time ago!!! How cosy they all look in the garage now!!!
Here is the guilty man himself with his pride and joy!

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