Wednesday 16 December 2009

A Bit More Stitching

I did exactly as I said I would... blanket stitch.
I do look through the other stitches and I do try to use different ones... I come back to the blanket stitch every time, you might think I am being boring... but, for me (the only opinion that really matters.. he he he) it's perfect and exactly what I want on my quilt.

On my Bernina it's so easy to do too (to do too!! he he he) because the # 20 foot is open, it's easy to see where I am going, that and the ability to sew half a stitch at a time, if I want to, is great for the accuracy.
Can you see how brilliant the light is? It goes all round the needle so I don't have any shadows... all bright and clear! I've found other machine lights to be a bit yellowy, this one is white white.

If you click on the photo and make it very large you can see how fluffy the thread is... and it is YLI, I was surprised about that, so I might just look at my other brand threads 'blown up' to see how fluffy they are... hmmm....

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