Wednesday 24 February 2010

Auroras In Uttoxeter

These photo's are the best I have... the only ones I have actually. Such a peaceful and productive day! I had time to take more pictures... I just didn't....
This is Gillian..... Every meeting she threatens to bring her own sewing machine and every week she accidentally forgets... because she loves to use one of my Auroras... of course I understand fully!!
This is Jenni, with her very own Aurora, she says it does everything except make the tea and tell her when the bobbin is running out! She is very happy with her purchase though, such a wonderful, yet drastic, change from her hand crank Singer!
This is Lizzy.... she has her own machine and usually brings it to class... but she had struggled a little with the quilting at home.... so today she wanted to try quilting on an Aurora....
Try one?
She did,
She did.....
and love it.... SHE DID!

Messy Maureen joined us too, she is almost done with the quilting on her log cabin project, it's looking good.

We meet again next Tuesday 2nd March, 10am to 3pm.

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