Thursday, 19 January 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave, My Birthday Surprise!

Well now... today is my very own Birthday, 48 years old and loving every minute of it!
Yesterday, at Caverswall Quilt Cave the lovely ladies surprised me completely yet again. A huuuuuge bunch of flowers, a bottle of (sure to be delicious)  bubbly, a set of 4 extremely posh wine glasses... and even posher candle in a beautiful holder.
No-one wanted to have their Photo taken really... some opted out and that's fine...
I don't put folks' photos on this blog as a general rule, we like it that way... but this is a special occasion isn't it... so we allowed it... can you guess who is who? I'm not telling!
Happy Birthday to me, in the middle holding my presents (Maid Marion holding my scrumptious flowers) and a huge, huge thank you to all of you lovely ladies, including the ones that couldn't come this time, you make me feel so special and my lovely Birthday card says everybody loves me!!! so for me, special it is... all all all day!!


Annabelle said...

Happy, Happy Days Angie xx

Maggi said...

Happy Birthday Angie.

Helen said...

How could I forget, well it looks as if you had a lovely time. A belated Very Happy Birthday to you Angel. XXX