Friday 7 June 2013

Stitching News

Michelle My Belle couldn't possible be more excited about anything than she was about making a sandwich with her second quilt... yes second! and Oh My it is lovely... threads are sorted and design for quilting has been chosen so she's ready to start the quilting... on her new Juki G210 which has been christened 'Baby Belle' ha ha ha

Barbara BB is back from her sick leave... there's been a 'lurgie' about... not quite swamp fever but sounding just as awful... happy to get back to school she was thrilled to finish her railfence centre and to be adding her borders, a delicious blue inner border followed by a beautiful, delicate plaid fabric 

Julie had to work fast with very limited time...say it fast, 1, 2, 3 go.... She trimmed the crusts off, cut, pieced and pressed her binding then got a few inches stitched on so I could show her how to turn corners... before the bell chimed!... are you out of breath? Poorley kids should know better than to be ill in Mum's stitching time.. ha ha ha
Lyn Scatterpin (and yes she's still doing it so the name was perfect) completed one of her 16 blocks. Each block will measure a finished 12" square and each one is made up of the four 6" squares... Lyn has to  watch the placement of the Half Square Triangles, they make a lovely secondary pattern when the blocks are joined together.

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