Friday, 22 August 2014

Quilty Quarters, Remember these?

As we approach the long weekend, I find my very own self confined to barracks for a few days once again. This though, should be the last time because I have decided that enough is enough... It's 12 months since my first operation and all the other stuff that started... I am hoping that this last dose of radiation will see the end to it all... never mind my glass being half full... mine should start to flow over the top now, I am very optimistic!
My Mum Gwynneth is minding my little quilt shop while I stay away from people... if you see a glow in the sky it is probably from my house... not because it is shiny clean though, oooooh no...
Can you guess what I'm doing with all this time forced upon me??

Hand Quilting? Yes... both hands work now so I decided to give it a go.
I'm doing Big Stitch Quilting with Perle cotton. It's been about ten years since I was able to hand stitch so I am a little rusty...
Theoretically, the more I do, the neater it gets
This is what I did with the Layer Cake that Jenny and I cut up last week.
If you remember we made a quilt top on Thursday but I undid it on Friday to chop the pieces up again... This Layer Cake is Printemps from Moda. I took all the strong red squares out  as I wanted it to be very girly. T'will be gifted soon... There's binding to be hand stitched before it's finished... no problems, I can do that now!!
Remember this? All the Flying Geese borders are stitched now. I left it for a while trying to decide what to do in my corners but after seeing all the quilts at the Festival Of Quilts with square corner stones, I decided to stick to the geese... flying off the edge of the quilt. I am not sure what I want to do with this now so, I set it on one side while I have a little think. I might keep it as is, a good size for a wall hanging.
Oh please don't tell me that you remember these, ha ha ha
When the Count On It book first arrived in my very own little quilt shop, I set to and decided to make a Whole Year Calendar for display. I made all the numbers and December.... January and February followed on beautifully. I ran out of time for March. Made April and May... and I even completed June... skipped July and August for reasons mentioned earlier. Cut out September and October and stuck them to the background. I do have November traced onto my sticky stuff, good preparation! All this happened over two years.. he he he, I am only 7 months behind schedule, oh... plus those two years!
The long weekend is approaching. My Very own quilt shop will be closed from tomorrow, Saturday 23rd. Until Thursday 28th. No classes until Monday 1st September but the classroom is still open should you want to socially sew Thursday or Friday next week. Sandwich Saturday for 30th, so that's what we can consider as being back to normal I guess. Right... Quilty Quarters, here I come again...
Blogging may be sparse over the next few days but if I do anything worth a picture, I will share.

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