Saturday, 22 July 2017

What On Earth Am I doing?

It's not like I don't have enough projects on the go at the moment.
There are the two large quilts that I decided to give applique borders for a start! The Hidden Wells one and the small, scrappy quilt that morphed into a giant. Applique is a slow process for me too...
But I found a very interesting Jelly Strip Roll tutorial on YouTube, it looked very easy and rather stunning so I wanted to have a go, as you do...
Friday Quilt Club was quiet this week with only 2 ladies booked for the day and all the Fat Quarters are sorted out so I thought, as I was at the shop by 8am (early birding!)
"Hey, maybe I could have a look at this Youtube project..."
The tutorial called for 36 of the 42 strips of a Jelly Strip Roll to be sorted out into 3 sets of 12 strips. I don't have a Jelly Strip Roll... so I decided to make my own... I chose the fabrics from the shelves in my fabulous, and very well stocked, quilt shop.... To make this project fabric economical, I cut three strips from each fabric so that's 20 cm of each of 12... total 39?
 I obviously can't count to 12 as I chose and cut 13 fabrics (unlucky?) hey ho. Each set of three has to be sub-cut into certain sizes so I started that too. I only got one strip set prepared though as I was playing shop at the very same time... and chatting with Sporty Sue who was helping and encouraging and... interfering! Maybe she counted to 13? ha ha ha

I needed a background and an accent fabric, which was black in my original plan... The tutorial called for a light, plain background fabric... You know me... This very patterned green was a perfect co-ordinator and the Plum? I decided I didn't want black! So then the shop got even busier, I pride my very own self on customer service so I stopped playing with my very own fabrics to help those wonderful ladies choose their very own fabrics. 

It's looking like a quiet day in the classroom today too and hasn't everyone gone on holiday? According to the news they all went yesterday! ha ha ha... and tomorrow is a Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party so, I might just do a little stitching on this great new project. Sporty Sue wants to see a picture of the finished quilt top on Sunday night? Let's see... though it is doubtful eh.

This is what Sporty Sue is playing with, Trip Around The World. Wow did she choose great fabrics... mostly beautiful Batiks... Two quarters done and two more well on the way to completion. Sue's going to put strips up the middles too. I wonder whether she will finish stripping and tripping by Sunday night and send me a photo? Sue?

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