Saturday, 2 September 2017


First off... this is not my picture... I stole it from here but it lead me to a full day of stitching! Customers can make the most wonderful things with my fabrics and this is a perfect example, don't you think? When I saw how fabulous the striped fabric looks on Sophie's Buttercup Bag handle strap, I went off on a creative tangent... It's all Sophie's fault and I told her so!

I've had a plan to do a Stained Glass sort of workshop for a while now. I have made a few Stained Glass style of quilts in the past and I love them, so when I saw this fabric on a Rep.Visit Choosing day a while ago... the bright uneven stripes on the black background... well... I had to order an extra large bolt of it didn't I... And then Sophie used my fabric and then... I saw the handles and then...

Not quite enough time to finish the experiment...
but I love it!

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