Thursday, 22 February 2018

Fabulous And Finished

Sheila made this cushion for an elderly lady who lives in a home. She had given a pile of little triangles already folded to Sheila, knowing that she does Patchwork, and now that lucky lady, Betty, can have them all back... what a fabulous gifting circle!!! Toot toot toot Sheila.

Luna Twerly has finished all four of her quilted cushions... making a full set, along with the fabulous quilt she recently made. Toot toot toot toot Luna, one toot for each fabulous and finished cushion with concealed zips in the back of every one.

Fiona Too made this little quilt for her baby granddaughter... It 's one of the About A Boy panels from Henry Glass... you know... girls love all the things in these pictures too... maybe they should have called it About A Kiddo!!! Toot toot toot Fiona, a fabulous finish!

Jean Bean is on fire this year... she has to be as the babies are popping into this world at an alarming rate and Jean has to keep up with the quilt making! This beautiful, and rather fabulous, quilt is ready for tooting...

Toot toot toot Jean Bean... Lana will love her play mat for sure.

I wasn't kidding around with you...
Jean has already started a quilt for the next bay!!
Go Beano!!!

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