Friday, 1 February 2019

Stitching News

Oh dear... there has been serious neglect of my perfectly purple camera just lately... I plugged her in to do a little blogging and only have 3 project picture to show to you. Shockingly bad show!
So now you know how busy I've been, if there are no pictures I am usually too busy to remember PPC (Perfectly Purple Camera) What with project planning, fabric choosing, mathemising and generally offering rather excellent customer service, photos taking just doesn't spring to my mind... well, it probably does but it 'boings' right over my head! So... the 3

Last week I took this picture, Thursday actually, and I would have written that All Day Di had finished her T-shirt Quilt top... BUT, After yesterday, I have to tell you that she undid a couple of rows to relocate them... but this isn't that picture... confused? Me too! Di will be coming to make a sandwich on Saturday so It is now a Finished Top!

Rose had one Swan completed last week and this week more eggs have hatched... 6 in total and Rose says she's in the swan making groove... this quilt will be an Ombre of Swans, can you see the blues getting deeper as the Swans go up in the picture?
 We are having a lot of trouble with Christabelle's curved quilt blocks. The pattern is completely wrong, none of the templates are the right size so we're having to sort that out... not often a printed pattern is completely wrong because of original printing... but that one is. More on that later as we are giving the designer the chance to sort it out... it's not going well! except she has now put an announcement on her blog.
So, in the meantime Christabelle decided to make up a Kiddy quilt. This picture is a little out of date too as Chris will be making a sandwich on Saturday... I love off centre designs... they are so very fudge-a-bubble!!!

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