Thursday 14 May 2020

Stitching News

Some of the pictures sent to me by a few lovely customers. 

Rose made this little kiddie sized gifting quilt using all sorts from her very own stash. As you can see it is a fabulous and finished quilt so we can give out a well deserved toot toot toot fanfare. Baby already arrived and loves the quilt, of course.

New Sue finished her fabulous quilt top. It might look like a simple design but great skill was needed to line up all of the details... if you click on the image you will see tiny bits that have been beautifully lined up.... hoorah for pins!

New Sue made this cushion from her left over fabrics... A lovely thing to accompany the quilt. Fabulous and finished so , toot toot toot
Princess Jackie has been stitching... This was a wool fabric kit that some of the ladies purchased quite a while ago, I think from a Pilgrimage to the NEC Festival Of Quilts... it's good to see it being made up. Jackie says she needs supplies to continue. 

Lisa's Mum gifted her some fabric Fat Quarters so she made a little pouch to give back to her Mum. She's quite new to sewing but is proving to be quite a dab hand!! Toot toot toot for a fabulous finish Lisa.

Just before Lock Down we were able to sort out a little sewing machine swap-ery. All Day Di invested in a new Juki DX7 so Enid bought Di's Juki F600 and then Lisa was able to complete the chain by purchasing Enid's Janome, three very happy ladies, especially with time to play! And we need to give out a toot toot toot for Lisa's fabulous and finished new sewing machine mat!

Like lots of folk, Our Lou Lou has been enjoying a little outdoor in the garden time... not toiling with weeds though, just a little bit of crocheting... Toot toot toot for the finished square Lou, it is fabulous.

Sister Susie is impressing her very own self. She found this idea on the inter-web and set about making up the Half Square Triangles. All made from Susie's very own stash... a lovely twirly design.

Face masks, lots of ladies are making face masks. I'm sorry I can't remember who this picture came from, maybe Kate's Lynda? Anyway, we can still toot toot toot for them as they are finished and I'm sure fabulous too.

Jean Hill has been busy making 3D block blocks...
Tumbling Blocks in fact

Jean needed them for her latest baby gifting project, it really is a clever design, giving a 3D effect. Well done on the Y seams Jean.

My Mum Gwynneth has been making loads of face masks.
This is the best tutorial we found 
Video how to 
Pattern to print
At the very same time, Mum's knitting a Topsy Turvy doll.

Nuttie Nutter is making matching sofa cushions with the Dresden Fan design. I'm guessing from the visual evidence that the fabrics are left over from turning up the curtains? Toot toot toot for the fabulous finish Nuttie
Finished in good time for gifting in September, Sister Susie is very pleased with her very own self... It's not often we get ahead with the gifting projects is it. Toot toot toot Susie, a fabulous finish.

Edna started to use up her stash of left over fabrics.
I recognise some of the bits from her past projects.
She got out her block book and made a good start.

But now she had a fall and broke her Humerus, that's not funny is it!! I couldn't help my very own self, ha ha ha... Wishing you a speedy recovery Edna. xx

Rose had a little pouch making marathon. Made from her very own home stash. All different shapes and sizes, aren't they handy, finished and fabulous!!Super gifts for the future. toot toot toot.

No sewing for me... But my beautiful and favourite, but rather worn out, Tunic has been a great painting outfit!
There's light at the end of our Corona tunnel... it's only a tiny pin head sized light, but at least it is there... Hope you are all safely stitching.

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