Monday, 10 August 2020

Stitching News


Linda only came to my very own shop to get these fabrics about a week ago and already she was back to choose backing fabric and to get her wadding. The pattern is from one of Linda's Jelly Roll books, I think she's going to make every quilt in the books as she finds them very easy to follow.

Princess Jackie's quilts always leave me with a dropped jaw WOW!! they're stunning. She fussily cuts all the applique pieces so they have extra details. Jackie says it makes a blooming mess of your fabric though... funny shaped holes all over it! Toot toot toot for another fabulous and finished quilt.

This is the back, you can see all the quilting detail too. 

Yes, as you might have spotted, the photo step is still being used but with no-one to help hold the quilts up, they have to have floppy corners, ha ha ha better than no photo at all eh.

Blogger has changed a few things so I'm getting frustrated with it, I don't like change... because I am lazy I guess, I don't mind learning all sorts new and different things and methods in patchwork and quilting but I really hate learning how to use the computer stuff.

Social distancing, hand washing, face coverings, virtual queuing and appointments are still the way shopping is happening in my lovely and very well stocked shop.
I've been tidying, sorting, stock taking and re-arranging... a lot... I can't find anything now, ha!

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