Wednesday 25 February 2009

Quilt Class

As it is still carnival holiday time here, we only had two ladies for quilt class.
Theresa has finished hand piecing her star block and today put the borders on... by machine, this is becoming quite normal with these patchwork ladies.....
so, here is the almost finished cushion, it is going to have some ties attached to the top.

Suzette finished machine sewing the binding to the table runner and spent a few minutes hand stitching it down, just to learn how to do the corners. The rest will be stitched at home...
This is another of Suzette's projects, it will be a very girly pillow, for snuggling up to... I love the striped border fabric..
Therese learned how to make hour glass blocks, she was very puzzled at the start, cutting a rectangle, marking squares, marking the diagonal, sewing either side... you know the one... but she was impressed by the time they were done... as is everyone who tries this method.
I thought I was crackers saving all the little tiny bits of fabric that I do, and then there are ladies who save salvage edges, and the ones who save tiny, tiny bits to use as stuffing.... Suzette saves labels... yes, the ones you cut out of your clothes because they make you itch...... if you have any she will be very pleased to take them from you.... unless, you save them too??

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