Sunday 15 February 2009

Quilt Class

Quilt classes are at Arco Iris A Metro on Wednesday mornings and alternate Saturday afternoons.
This is Suzette quilting the last border on her table runner, which was destined never to be used!.... She trimmed it up, made the binding and stitched it on... Now she likes the project, maybe it will be allowed out of the drawer occasionally?
This is Carmo, she joines us for the first time today, she does very accurate work. Just behind her is Elsa, also a beginner, she is already a fabriholic! Just behind her you can see Suzette getting on with her quilting in the corner.

Carmo's Rail Fence blocks. This will be a baby quilt, for a baby that is still a twinkle in the eye... remember what happened to Ronny!!!!
Elsa's Rail Fence blocks, she will make them into a table runner.
Antonia is making a Bargello quilt, so far she has 33 strips, WOF, of 11 different fabrics, sewn into this huge tube.... now to cut it all up into strips ranging from 3" to 7/8"!
Amalia made this place mat, it's a pattern from Patch-Mania, if you buy the fabrics there you get the pattern free......

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