Thursday 17 January 2013

Stitching News

Rose eventually made her quilt sandwich. She had stitched the backing with one of the fabrics up-side-down which called for "team seam ripping" , it's so easy to do with some fabrics as they look just as good on the back side don't they... It was only a tiny hiccup though, Rose spent the rest of the day quilting. 
Fran needs a baby quilt in a bit of a hurry and, armed with this lovely Moda Charm Pack,  it should be quite possible. It took a little while to decide how to place all the squares and great concentration to keep the same order while stitching, ask Fran!
Early Sue has had this Batik Jelly Roll squirrelled away for a while with the intention of making a Bargello quilt... spurred on by seeing the other ladies making theirs, Sue took the plunge and started to sew the strip set... it was cut up and the Bargello-ing had started by the end of the day. 
Princess Jackie arrived with all her strip sets stitched, pressed and ready to go, all done as homework. She was able to start cutting them up again and undoing a seam or two, sounds crackers I know but that's how they're made. This Bargello quilt will match my new floor tiles a treat
New Sue pieced together this lovely set of Charm Squares (pre-cut 5" squares) She's making a  baby bag... for all the baby paraphernalia it's not for putting baby in... he he
Morning Judith called in to show us her finished appliqué flower project, a very quirky flower. She has plans to make another having thoroughly enjoyed making this one... that's what she said... I hope you've noticed Judith's perfectly mitred corners?
Princess Jackie has been working on this quilt at home, it's quite green really and I'm not quite sure how my camera took such a wishy-washy picture... silly camera.

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