Friday 20 December 2013

Stitching News

Annbacan has thoroughly enjoyed making these little festive treats.
She's made three in total and they will be gifted very soon.
They could become family heirlooms in years ahead.
Oh what a lovely shop we can see in the background!!
Jean Bean only has a mile or two left to hand stitch her fabulously impressive binding. Pieced binding is quite a fiddle but well worth the extra work, you can see that quite clearly though can't you.

Christabelle is making another totally terrific tote bag.
She's using the instructions from Sue's Tote Bag workshop which she attended a few weeks ago, months actually! Gosh, soon we will be saying last year!
You can guess where those tantalising fabrics were purchased, can't you?

Dam Julie is ready for a toot toot toot as she's finished the first of her three Christmas quilts.
During her 'School Day' (she tells her kiddies that she goes to school on Thursdays!) she almost finished number two quilt and number three is about to be joined together... 4 days to go!
Last but my goodness, not least for a tooting fanfare, is Peggy.
She's finished her little kiddy play mat and it looks just like a real quilt!
The squares are one of the pre-cut packs that have been very popular recently.
Peggy is delighted with her quilt and is making plans for next year's project already.

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