Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Classroom Catch Up

I decided to change the quilts hanging on the walls of my very own classroom.
My giant, and very cute, Log Cabin Bunny. He always makes folk smile...
I made him a looooong time ago and he comes out every year.
A few of the ladies will be making a bunny for their very own selves.
My Mum Gwynneth made this little, not too girly, quilt with one of our panels...
 She added just two side border strips, sandwiched, quilted then added binding.
Another quilt made in just one day. Fast, fabulous and finished... toot toot toot
This wonderful quilt was made by Joan The Shop. I have it hanging as a guest quilt for one week because I want to show another fabulous setting for our Mile-A-Minute and Crumb blocks. It's just an idea... Joan's block centres were carefully planned using strips cut all to the same width.
This wonderful little quilt belongs to PM Pam.
It's one of twelve blocks from this book by Edyta Sitar. Pam doesn't plan to make the quilt though, she's going to make each block into a mini quilt so every month she can have a different one hanging on her wall.
Do you think we should we be wondering why Pam started with December?
Monday Sheila finished the lovely Lone Star block started at Dotty's workshop. She's now making four more Lone Star blocks, but with narrower strips. They will be smaller stars of course, and that's part of Sheila's plan... they will be floated in the corners as Sheila wants the quilt to be a Super King size when it's finished!
PM Pam's Lone Star block had Saw Tooth Star blocks added to the top and bottom because Pam wanted a rectangular quilt, as opposed to a square one. We're working together on the outer border... which is proving a little tricky but, it will all be worth the fiddle... I promised Pam!


Dottymo said...

Ladies all those quilts are fantastic. Love the lone star additions.


Great quilts you've shown us here and I especially love the Lone Star at the bottom. xCathy

angiesangel said...

That bunny reminds me of hoooooome